Fish Out Of Water! App Reviews

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Some of the best mobile games ever.

Love the game but upset with update

I was on level 43 and when I updated and signed in (because I had to in order to get my costumes back) and it started me on level 1 again! Rotted!

Fish out of water

I think it is one of the best games on the App Store great for passing time and still really fun.


OMG love this game! Super cute characters, addictive, and just so much more fun! If you love fish, water, or apps/games, GET THIS!

Amazing game

I love this game so much, it is so addicting and fun. Its one of the best games Ive played. It is DEFINITELY worth your money.

I hate this game

this game is corny af and the red crab is about to catch these hands if he doesnt give me a 10.


I love how relaxing this game is. The sound effects and cute characters make for a fun experience. Sometimes the challenges are a little tedious, but its still great.

inpossable to get a

you can not even get a

Best game ever

I got this game for app of the week and it is so addicting. I love the stories and the challenges. This is a very amazing games and I have no suggestions but add some different fishes

After 3 years I still love this game!

Ive been playing on & off for a few years, & always enjoy coming back to it.


I love this game. This is the only game on my phone that I play all the time. Its really fun and I love the characters. This really is an awesome game.


Its so fun I love it its great and the fish are so cute and I love all the goals you have to get to level up

Sooooo addicting

I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ this game

Only great game ever

This game is so fun and also really addictive it has fun challenges and its completely free unlike other ripoff games the characters are all so lovable and fun it contains facts about the ocean and the living creatures so what are you doing download this game I would completely recommend it


AWESOME I am addicted to this game

Love it!!!

I love this game! Perfect for little children when theyre bored!! Please download!!!


I love this game its really fun but it wouldve gotten five stars if the goals werent so hard or we could use the diamond things to skip them because I cant get past the skip any fish exactly 4 times the closest I got was five and I cant get four so in the next update can you do that thanks


Once u play this game u wont stop! Its so addicting and fun to pass time during the day! I totally recommend! No glitches, bugs or bad issues its perfect!


This game is AMAZINGLY AWESOME!! The animated fish and creatures are so adorable. The crystals youre able to get are fun and so are the costumes for your fish. This game is a game you should definitely get.

Love it Hate it

i enjoy this game a lot. but the fact that every time i get to level 20 or any level past 10 it brings me right back to level 5. I dont enjoy the fact that i have to start from scratch over & over. someone please fix this problem.

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