Fish Out Of Water! App Reviews

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This wasnt what I expected

When I played this game I thought it was similar to tiny wings

Very simple and entertaining

Its addictive, a nice pass time

Simple game that calms my anxiety

Love it

Love it

Cant put it down love all the challenges

This game is amazing

Fish Out of Water is a simple but addicting game.I love all the fish <3.

Its fun but…

It crashes a lot every time I try to play it, it crashes

Fun game

I wish the mission bar didnt collapse automatically. If I open it, I want it to stay open until I tap the collapse button.

Love it

This game is obsessing and I love it soooo much

Awesome game!

Its great fun... The art and sound is wonderful. Its easy to play, a little hard to master....and something me and my little guy like playing together!

Amazing game

I love this game so much, it is so addicting and fun. Its one of the best games Ive played. It is DEFINITELY worth your money.

Adorable game

Absolutely love it. One of my favorite apps for sure! Such a cute game. :)


The game is awesome

Its a great game, but...

I love this game so much! I unlocked every costume and I have gotten about 50 perfect 10s. To clear things up, the Brothers are shark. I know its hard to tell, but they are! Also, please add in more features because all I can do is do the quests. Ive done so many that Im at level 200.


OMG love this game! Super cute characters, addictive, and just so much more fun! If you love fish, water, or apps/games, GET THIS!

Amazing And I LOVE It

This game is so much fun I love finding out how good my turn was! And the idea of giving you scores from little crabs is so different and cool. The only thing I would change is that when you are playing I dont like how if your hand slips some times the fish go to high and go up then go strait back into the water and touch the ground so then your turn is over and you get like one skip

Another one of the greats

This game is amassing period.

Love it Hate it

i enjoy this game a lot. but the fact that every time i get to level 20 or any level past 10 it brings me right back to level 5. I dont enjoy the fact that i have to start from scratch over & over. someone please fix this problem.


This game is AMAZINGLY AWESOME!! The animated fish and creatures are so adorable. The crystals youre able to get are fun and so are the costumes for your fish. This game is a game you should definitely get.


Once u play this game u wont stop! Its so addicting and fun to pass time during the day! I totally recommend! No glitches, bugs or bad issues its perfect!


I love this game its really fun but it wouldve gotten five stars if the goals werent so hard or we could use the diamond things to skip them because I cant get past the skip any fish exactly 4 times the closest I got was five and I cant get four so in the next update can you do that thanks

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